Infrared and other Diversions with Colin Southgate

Full marks are in order for last nights’ presentation by Colin Southgate entitled ‘Infra-red and other diversions’. We learnt about the basics of IR photography and the more complex topics of colour channels, colour swapping, false colour and camera conversions before before being led gently through Colin’s own exploration of the invisible IR world.

He showed us the beautiful and often surreal world of softly glowing whites and contrasty black skies in a variety of locations. His architectural and street images were particularly stunning. We also saw the almost ghostly images of the ‘Katy Wiggs Live Art’ team as they performed their living and moving sculpture routines.

Colin then moved on to IR lith printing; we saw examples of IR lith photos in addition to IR images which had been digitally processed to give similar lith printed results.

Finally, Colin paid homage to those brave souls who lost their lives during the D-Day Normandy landings on Omaha Beach. His creative and sometimes abstract treatment of the memorials on Omaha Beach were fascinating and intriguing to see, a fitting tribute indeed.

Thank you Colin for your superb efforts last night – and I shall always remember that dyed hair always looks blue in the IR world!

Image © copyright Colin Southgate 2023