Transports of Delight with Peter Alvey

We were highly honoured on Thursday to be joined by Peter Alvey, a well-known and highly respected commercial photographer and film maker. Peter is commissioned by many leading brands such as British Heart Foundation, First Group, Great Western Railway, Hertz, Highways England, London Underground, Network Rail, NHS Trusts, Virgin Trains East Coast to name just a few.
Peter dazzled us with beautiful examples of his work taken in all conditions and times of day from Porches and Maseratis to Boeing 747s and the beautiful Skyfall 91007 train running on the East Coast mainline from London to Edinburgh. This train was a collaboration between East Coast Rail and the film industry as a testament to the films’ great success.
We were given ample opportunity to ask question and Peter shared many of his tips and tricks on how he obtained his remarkable shots.
If you wish to see more of Peter’s work then visit his website and I can guarantee you’ll be impressed and inspired.

Image ©copyright Peter Alvey