Get Creative with Glenys Garnett

Backwell Camera Club was honoured to host an evening with the esteemed photographic artist, Glenys Garnett. Glenys has been a devoted photographer since her teens and has a degree in Graphic Communication. Her career spans over 30yrs in further education and as an Adobe trainer.

A self taught photographer, Glenys became disillusioned with traditional photography and yearned to express herself and her art in a more creative way. Much of her work is created in-camera and often involves multiple exposure and blending modes occasionally combined with ICM. She stresses that her creative photography is not about technique per se abut about the importance of having a vision of what she wishes to achieve first and foremost with technique being a tool to achieve that vision.
Throughout, Glenys showed examples of her art, explaining how and why she achieved a particular look. Glenys particularly enjoys exploring the relationships between colour, shape, form and minimalism as a means of expressing herself. She is a great advocate of pushing yourself to embrace novel ways of interpreting our surroundings and stretching your imagination to reach new levels of creativity.

The evening was highly informative and enlightening and thoroughly enjoyed by all. If you wish to see Glenys’ work then visit her social media accounts and website:
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Images in collage ©️ @ggcimages