Reports for Annual General Meeting

Please find below the various annual reports for the AGM on 06 June 2024.

Chairman’s Report 2024

As my sixth year in the role as Chairman comes to an end, I would like to start by thanking the people who have supported me throughout the year, without whom I would not have been able to do my role – including those who are not committee members, but still do a lot of arrangements for the club, as well as helping out at each meeting. With my travels and ongoing health issues, I have been grateful for you all.

I’d like to extend a warm welcome to Tracey Thomas as our new Treasurer this year, who has done an excellent job keeping our finances in order.

Also a new committee member, Cynthia took over the programme secretary this year and has done a stellar job!

Thank you both for stepping up in our hour of need.

The year has seen us attend a variety of presentations, both in person and on Zoom, as well as Practical Group and Travel Group meetings, and some interesting outings in the summer.

Lastly I would like to extend a warm welcome to all our new members and hope that you get as much pleasure out of this club as I do.

I am looking forward to carrying on in this role for another year, with the continuing support of the committee and other club members.

Grete Howard
Club Chairman

 Treasurer’s Report for the year ended 31 May 2024 

Note: this report dated 23rd May 2024 is based on projected full year figures as the financial year has not ended and the accounts cannot therefore be finalised. 

The projected full year position is broadly in line with last year. During the year three new members have joined,  bringing the closing membership to 39. We have also had some members moving from the higher subscription fee to the lower fee plus door fee resulting in higher door fee income this year. 

Lower income has been offset by lower speaker/judging fees. We have benefited from a couple of additional meetings with internal speakers and generally lower charges from speakers. There were also fewer Travel Group meetings and the hire cost of Cleeve Village Hall has reduced generating savings. No postage or printing & stationery costs have been incurred this year, partly as a result of the WI switching to digital invoicing and electronic payment. Hire costs for Backwell WI Hall are higher than last year reflecting an increased number of in person meetings. 

Overall given the financial position is stable.

Tracey Thomas, Treasurer
23rd May 2024 


June 2023 saw Al Ritchie standing down as Programme Secretary and Cynthia Miller taking over. I should like to thank Al for his hard work as previous programme secretary and also for the invaluable support he gave me during the first few months in the role.

The current year has seen a 50/50 split in zoom and hall speakers. The number of zoom meetings is a little higher than desired but this has been in part due  to health issues from some speakers. We have seen the return of some previous speakers but also an increase in the number of new speakers to the club.

Overall, the aim has been to cater to all tastes and photographic styles of members and also to provide inspiration to try new ideas and techniques. To this end Al has done some sterling work in providing experience evenings where members can participate in using practical techniques they wouldn’t otherwise have an opportunity to use.

Next year will probably see an increase in costs, no doubt due to the increase in living and travelling costs. The programme for 2025 is well under way and again the aim has been to focus on a wide range of photographic experiences. An attempt is being made to reduce the ratio of zoom to hall appearances by searching for more local speakers. Travelling costs will no doubt continue to play a large part in speaker expenditure.

Cynthia Miller
Programme Secretary

Competition Secretary’s Report for 2023-2024

There have been six competitions since my last report:

Living World May 2023. Judge: Peter Ottley
1st Alan Wood Bluebell woodland
2nd Ann Belcher Frosted Eryngium
3rd Mary Pears Water lily

1st Mary Pears Little owl and Woodpecker
2nd Clive Williams Lizard
3rd Alan Wood Puffin Bathtime

Nailsea Town Council Trophy
1st Grete Howard Butterflies taken at a Butterfly farm
2nd Ann Belcher Textured Flowers
3rd Tracey Thomas A collection of Irises

Battle with Darwen 09 November. Judge: Steve Field
Darwen won by 1 point
Bernard Yeo volunteered to organise this annual event but could not make contact with anyone at Darwen until the very last minute. They were very un-helpful and we managed to get it set up and run it but we have to decide whether we continue. Bernard said he will not organise it again.

Print of the year 27 November.Judge: Steve Hallam
1st Mary Pears Vixen grooming cubs
2nd Anna Dagger Harris and Lewis
3rd Kittywake aerial Dance

DPI of the year
1st Bob Bishop Wood of mysteries
2nd Bob Bishop That tree
3rd Alan Wood Final approach


Mono 08 Feb. Judge: Simon Caplan
1st Paul Riley Boatman
2nd Pip Sawtell Driver and Fireman
3rd Paul Riley Going Home

1st Bernard Yeo Finger talk
2nd Peter Holt Too Much
3rd Bernard Yeo Thrash metal bass player

Living World 02 May. Judge: Rob Heslop
1st Alan Wood Gannet conflict
2nd Sandra Stafford Swans by the lake
3rd Ken Hunt Cheetah

1st Nick Cambourne Tulip Time
2nd Mary Pears Wild flower meadow
3rd Anna Dagger Iris

Ann Belcher

Travel Group Report

The Travel Group met monthly from November until May. Numbers varied (after all – many members spend time travelling !!) but on average, we had 12 attending. All the evenings provided an informal and enjoyable mix of good photography and information.

As usual we had an extremely varied and enjoyable programme, covering both DPI presentations and AV’s. Venues included Poole in Dorset, South Africa, New Zealand,and the Caribbean, Malta and remote Indonesia including funeral ceremonies.

New ideas for travel were presented, and possibly some venues to avoid – depending on stamina and ability.

We will start again in October, and welcome all members of the main club. You don’t have too agree to present anything, but new offers are always welcome.
Happy Travelling !!

Richard Pring

The Practical Group Report

This year has been a quite fruitful . We have managed to continue with a core group of about 7-8 members discussing on average about 80 images with the occasional teach-in from one of the members.

We have monthly meeting lasting about 2hours via Zoom and this year did a presentation to whole club with 3 keynote speakers and an images presentation including examples from all our contributors.

Following recent discussions we have decided to reduce the number of images reviewed so that we have more time to discuss each image in depth and get some learning points

Clive Williams