Abstract Images and Panels with Linda Bembridge

Learning how Linda Bembridge constructs and panels her abstract photographs was pure joy. Her fascinating process has been arrived at by a combination of experimentation and chance. From the image taken with the camera she then weaves into them themes and stories to bring them to life. Part of her creative process is to print her work, often on exquisite Japanese papers or acetates, and then finish each one by hand using, for example, calligraphy inks and paints. As she says, she likes sparkle and joy, and that’s certainly what we were treated to in her recent presentation to Backwell Camera Club. Linda has carefully documented some of her work in her new book called Believe. For more details about this, and her work in general, visit www.lindabembridge.me While you are there, you may want to check out her excellent blog.

Image copyright Linda Bembridge