Part 1 with Tracey Lund

Last night, Backwell Camera Club welcomed Tracey Lund to join us on Zoom from her home in Hull.

Tracey captivated us for the entire evening, with her breathtaking images and fascinating stories to explain the lengths she went to in order to capture her award-winning wildlife photographs. She took us on a journey to such diverse places as Japan, Iceland, Finland, Camargue, France, Greece, Montana, Shetland, and closer to home. Along the way, she showed us images of macaques bathing in hot pools, white horses running through the shallow waters of Camargue, Gannets diving for fish, wolverines playing in the snow, and up close and personal experiences with foxes and pelicans. It was truly a spellbinding evening, and we can’t wait to have Tracey back for her next talk.

Image © Copyright Tracey Lund