An Evening of AVs with Ian Bateman

There are those who are good or mediocre at what they do … and then there are those people who are masters of their craft. Last night, Backwell Camera Club were privileged to experience an evening with someone who demonstrated he was a true master and professional of his craft.
His AV sequences were truly inspiring and mesmerising and we sat spellbound through various examples of his talent.
The AV sequences were impeccably researched and put together. Ian explained the importance of providing the correct music to convey the aura and atmosphere of his AVs. Some examples of his work included: Crater Lake and the Oregon Vortex House of Mystery, Buckfastleigh and the Valiant Soldier, The Moor, the Monkey and the Wall Street Crash, Holloway and Hell Lane in Dorset and many others.
It was impossible to choose a favourite AV and I’m sure we all had our secret favourites! Mine was entitled, Going Underground which he filmed mainly on the Jubilee Line and at Canary Wharf Station, London.
If anyone is intrigued by audio-visual work then look Ian Bateman up and be prepared to be amazed,