Street Photography My Way with Peter Crane

Thank you Peter Crane for a wonderful presentation of your work last night! I knew we were in for a treat and you didn’t disappoint.

Peter began his photographic journey in 2010 when he joined photographic street walk tours in London, Bath and many other locations. Although able to turn his hand to many genres he gravitated toward people photography. One of his hobbies is angling and he aptly and wittily describes his photographic style as ‘fishing for people’.

We enjoyed a varied tour of his work from his early career right through to very recent works of photographic art. Along the way he readily shared his knowledge with tips on how to succeed in Street Photography. One of the many surprises was his admission as to how little post-processing his images required and the software he used. Proof positive that you don’t need to spend a fortune to succeed.

Traditionally, much street photography is recorded or converted to mono but Peter prefers to showcase his work very effectively in colour. Peter certainly showed us the quirky and colourful world of street photography and we were privileged to view many witty and humorous takes on street life and events.

All in all last nights’ presentation was an enjoyable and welcome lesson in street photography. Peter showed us the importance of patience, technique and how to capture the decisive moment. His unique photographic style was a pleasure to behold and we salute you!