Chernobyl 32 years later with Graham Harries

From Grete (chair):
Graham brought his superb multi-media presentation on Chernobyl to our screens. The evening was enjoyed by all and it’s fair to say that Graham’s own words ‘not your usual camera club evening’ were absolutely true. Graham took us on a journey, with excerpts from media coverage of the 1986 disaster, meaningful voiceovers, excellent and relevant sound effects, haunting music and poignant, recent photographs mixed with his own personal storytelling. As I summed up at the end of the evening, ‘this was one of the best audio-visual presentations the club has ever seen. As well as being topical, it was moving to the point it sent tingles down my spine.’

From Sandra (social media):
A huge ‘Thankyou’ to Graham Harries @thegphotography from @backwellcameraclub for an amazing, moving, poignant and beautiful presentation of photographs and AV taken in Chernobyl, relating mainly to what remains following the 1986 nuclear disaster. Check out Graham’s website at He also has an IG account @lost_wales with more stunning photographs of the hidden parts of countryside in that glorious land. Diolch, Graham.